On the 15th August 2015 I did a parachute jump in aid of the lymphoma association  its something I had been wanting to do for a long time however for some reason or another I kept putting it off.
My mum was diagnosed with Non Hodkins Lymphoma on January 2nd  – a date and time I will never forget .I knew I needed to do something more to help her with her battle. My first though was I was going to do a sponsored head shave – this she begged me not to do so a parachute was the next best thing ! This she was not crazy about either however she did give me her support and my fundraising started .
Myself and a colleague from work did the jump and on the day my family and friends were all there to support me and what a long day i was – we had to be there for 10.30 however I didn’t get to jump until about 4pm .
Going up in the plane I can honestly say I was not frightened at all – I didn’t once worry that my parachute wouldn’t open however I don’t think mum was to impressed when I joked I hoped it would or everyone was coming to watch a horror show!
Nothing though can prepare you for when the aeroplane door is wide open your sitting on the floor about to jump out and all you can see is cloud – its an awesome feeling – one that doesn’t last for long because then your out and your falling so fast and personally I thought I was never going to stop falling but then I did and the parachute went up and its as though your a bird just soaring through the sky.
I had difficulty getting my legs up high enough for landing and worried as the instructor started shouting – something I’ve never been good with ! However a safe landing happened and I was safely sitting on my bum back with every cheering me on solid ground.
An amazing experience. Im so pleased I paid the extra to have the whole thing videoed and photographed.

We raised £1021.21 for the Lymphoma association and had a great family day out in the meantime.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arqLlxwT-2Q