Trying to fit  7 amazing days and nights in to a small page is going to be an almighty job but one I feel I must do my best to document. A little about the build up…. I had been wanting to go to New York for about 18 years and one day something snapped in me and said if you really want to do this start doing something about it! So I looked up my flight virgin atlantic was always my first choice and as I had flown with them before I had miles to spend I found a flight for £440 thought on it for a few minutes and pressed book – I was so excited I was on my way.

I knew going on my own I wanted to stay quite central so I picked the HiltonGarden Inn on 35th – It took me another 4 months of saving but was very pleased when I got to book this.

I flew in to JFK  25th May the flight was on time and I got to New York about 7pm local time – I queued for a yellow cab jumped in , had the craziest drive of my life and 20 minutes later we were in Manhattan.

i decided after so much sitting I needed a walk before bed and followed the signs to Times Square – This was a classic site to see but for me far from the best – I turned around and somehow through not knowing the place and tiredness I had got lost it took me well over an hour to find my hotel again and many tears were had – I feared I had made the worst mistake of my life and the most costliest coming to NY.

The next morning I woke up determined that the night before wasn’t going to beat me – I went and bought my metro card for the week got on the subway and visited my first site of interest – the 9/11 memorial I knew how upsetting this was going to be so wanted to do this first – What an amazing job they have done – Where the twin towers once stood now there are 2 fountains with those who were lost on the day documented all around. I had previously read that roses were inserted in to the names for there birthday so knew what these were about and they added to the tears that fell that day. I paid for a ticket in to the museum and was so glad that I did . I still remember where I was on the day the planes hit the towers so going in and seeing and hearing clips from the day bought all the memories back. I paid ……… for my ticket and can honestly say it was worth every penny. A small tip here is that before you go ,download the 9/11 app and you will have a spoken guided tour around the museum.


After coming out of here I walked down to the statue of liberty boats as I had bought my tickets months before. Unfortunately I hadn’t bought it early enough to buy the climb to the crown – these sell out 5-6 months ahead but I did get on to the pedestal .The views as you can see from here were amazing . I was suffering bad jet lag at this point but am so glad I did this. Again when you walk in you are handed a set of headphones which have a guided tour on them – the price of these were included in your ticket. State helicopters were circling the statue of liberty at all times on the day I went ensuring all was safe.IMG_2402

That night I went for dinner at 5guys – if you’ve never eaten there check them out they are truly amazing and such excellent value – please do go hungry though as they are massive!

The following day was filled with SATC – my inspiration to coming to this city was born from Carry from sex in the city so many years before hand – to this day I am a huge fan so it was an absolute must I go on the SATC tour. I had previously purchased my ticket from …….. and so headed to ……… to catch the tour bus. Unfortunately there was a problem with the bus and we had over 2 hours delay but the meeting point was next to the plaza hotel and the pulitzer fountain . I went and grabbed some lunch from the Plaza …….. which was ciabatta cheese balsamic and basil and sat and ate it in front of the fountain. Many spots were included on the tour ………NAME THEM HERE………But my favourite had to be Carry’s stoop – In fact standing outside it caused a few tears in my eyes – I never thought I would get here.